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    • Name: @Ghost Toast Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198301791451 Last known IP address: Details: [email protected] Other: Not much more info due to him using the old system
    • Name: @Cookies Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094297222 Last know IP address: Details: Other: N/A
    • Name: @Seez Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198264387024 Last known IP address: Details: Other: Not much information here, due to it being on an old system.
    • This thread will contain all details of blatant fraud cases where people have bought digital goods (credits) - used them, then proceeded to to submit disputes through PayPal's flawed system causing me to lose money which just shouldn't be lost in the first place due to scumbags getting mad when they're banned/bored/skint. This system will probably cause controversy however I've lost literally thousands in my time of Visca through people committing fraud and I'm pretty sick of it; people are warned on checkout about this system so if you don't want to partake, simply don't purchase anything.   This isn't me going out of my way "doxing", customers knowingly provide these details on checkout Other community owners/managers should blacklist these people as they're likely to be a fraudster You don't have to worry about anything/risk when purchasing from us unless you're intending on committing fraud You are free to contact me if you're not happy about anything you've bought, I'll listen   Hopefully I'll only have to post a couple of people's details on here since this system should work. If your details are on here and you'd like them removed, you'll have to pay back or cancel any disputes you've currently got open and alert me of this in someway. Cheers.
    • After you have been accepted the first thing you want to do is:  add the staff leadership team (except lew) and the senior admins for the appropriate server on Steam next, join our Discord server and make sure you link your account re-join the server to make sure you’ve got your rank on the forum now that you've got your staff rank, go to the staff section and explore it.   General guidelines: all communication/questions goes through the staff management team, so you'd contact an administrator > senior administrator and so on in that order contacting the wrong people, for example lew will get you told off and probably striked only accept cases through the claims system - simply inform people of this if they're asking in OOC for example you're not allowed to refund money/weapons or anything in any situation, other staff maybe can't afford this therefor creating inconsistency  don't handle your own sits (unless they’re mass breaking rules/no one else can help) only warn/punish players for the paraphrased rule, for instance "Random Death Match in spawn" -> "RDM" keep an active level of activity on all platforms - if you leave without notice for 7 days or longer, you'll simply be demoted don't use your commands on other staff members, get a senior admin to asses situations and do this for you if none are online, contact them on discord for example if you're the only staff member online and you need help and/or leaving - you need to warn other staff of this in the #staff_only discord room and stick around for as long as you can until someone else can cover for you   In-game: soon you will notice “cases” popping up at the top left of your screen - you may not ignore a claim, everyone helps out at Visca. press "claim case" after that you press “goto” take cases in the order they come in - picking and chosing the order will get you striked take the claimant to an excluded area ask them what occurred, always check the logs to confirm this before you bring the potential culprit - make sure to copy and paste the log ask to bring the culprit via /pm and give them 10 seconds to reply if the culprit replies, bring them if not teleport and ask them - bring them if they're not in a roleplay situation repeat the victim's story back to the culprit, don't assume they've done anything, simply ask if this is what occurred for example: "Why did you RDM so and so?" - this would be wrong. It would be "Why did you kill so and so?" if needed, let the victim and culprit argue/barter until the point they're going over the same things take control of the situation and give your verdict warn/punish or return the relevant player(s) after the sit and return the players press “close case” - do not press the “X” button, this only closed the case for you   Commands: !rank - To reset your rank to its previous state. Moderator Commands !help -  To bring up a list of any wanted commands. !Adminmode - To activate/deactivate your Administrator mode to access commands. !Playtime - To check someones playtime ( Enter a SteamID or Name ). !po - To check if they have any previous bans ( Enter a SteamID or Name ). !goto - To teleport to a player. !bring - To bring someone to your location. !return - To return someone to their previous location. !tele - To teleport someone to where your cursor is pointing. !freeze - To freeze a player. !mutevoice -  To mute a player of using voice chat. !mutechat - To mute a player of using text chat. !cleardecals -  This will clear decals, for example blood on a wall or bullet marks. !stopsounds - This command will stop any entity sounds, for example Fire. !nolag -  This will freeze props encase of an emergency. !kick -  This command will kick a user from the server. Administrator Commands !forcemotd -  This will force the user to open the Motd onto their screen.  !sethealth -  This command will set a users health to the desired number. !setarmor -  This command will set a users armor to a desired number. !respawn -  This command will respawn a player. !stripweapons - This command will strip a user of all their weapons. !setjob -  This command will set a users job to a desired job. !spectate/!unspectate -  This command will spectate a user. !ban -  To ban a user for a desired amount of time. ( !ban "name/SteamID" "1,2,3 weeks" "reason" ) !perma -  To permanently ban a user.
      We don't over complicate things here, all you're expected to do is warn someone but you still need to do the following: don't warn someone for multiple things per warn, for example if someone FailRP'd and RDM'd it would be 2 separate warns don't just warn someone then fly away, explain to them in the nicest possible way what they've done and explain to them how to avoid it if someone is committing a mass offence (3 times within a 1 minute time frame) then it's a ban for 3 weeks if you’re the Moderator online, repeatedly warn them to get them kicked   Promotion:
      In order to get a promotion, you'll need to show that you're dedicated to staffing the server. We will notice that you're doing well as Moderator/Admin, and we'll promote you if we see that you deserve it.   Strikes:
      All staff receive 3 chances - each one of these chances can get taken with a strike if you break any of the above rules. It's extremely serious that you uphold all of these requirements.
      Bans table:
      You're only ever allowed to go from this ban table when issuing bans. Familiarize yourself with it and only use them as a last resort.
    • One person can use the code "50OFF" at checkout on the Gold custom job to get their price halved, hurry before someone else gets it. Offer taken.