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    • Steam URL:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198219687967/  
      Roleplay name: NT chambo  
      Location: Scotland  
      Total time in-game (screenshot this - you should see a blue box in the top right in-game): 6 days, 10 hours, 33 mins (screenshot no longer works on my pc for some reason)   (could have changed)  
      Total time on Garry's Mod: 270 hours ( i'm aware this is 30 hours under)  
      How many warnings have you had(if any)?: 9 (none in the past month) (i'm also aware this is a very high amount of warns)  
      Why do you want to be moderator?: I would like to be a moderator on Visca Downtown because there are some times i'm on in the morning pretty early and there's 0 admins on and it gives people the opportunity to rdm,rda etc and by becoming a moderator i feel like i could help with this. Another reason i would like to become a moderator is i feel like i could help some of the other admins/moderators when it's peak time and there are only 1 or 2 admins/moderators on and it's hard to get round everyone that's called.  
      What would you do if someone got RDM'd?: If some claimed to be RDM'd I would first teleport to the victim I would find a quiet spot on the map because I’m aware as a moderator you can't no-collide. I would ask the victim what happened I would listen to their side of the story then bring the accused I would then get the side of the story from the accused I would then check logs to see if there is sufficient evidence. if there is insufficient evidence I would explain that it is a valid reason to kill someone. If there is enough evidence I would explain that this is not a reason to kill someone I would then warn the accused after this I would then return both people to their original positions to continue roleplaying.  
      What would you do if someone got RDA'd?:If someone claimed to be RDA'd I would teleport to the victim (as he would be in the prison cell) and ask him what happened I would listen to his side of the story and then I would bring the accused I would then listen to his side of the story to see if there is enough evidence to warn him. If there isn't enough to warn him I would explain to the victim, why it is not RDA and apologize to the accused for the inconvenience. If there is enough evidence to warn the accused I would warn them and try to explain why what he did was RDA after I have explained and warned I would proceed to ask the accused to unarrest the victim (if I couldn't) then return the accused back to his position to roleplay.   
      How active to do you plan to be in-game?: I plan to be active 6 hours a day on weekdays and almost 12 on weekends unless i have plans  
      What would you do if you saw a higher member of staff abusing?: If i saw a higher member of staff abusing his powers I have recording equipment that i could use to get video evidence of the abuser and send it to a higher staff member (higher than the abuser) and let them deal with it.   Zoo   I have not been active on TS until today as i have not had a working mic but now i do i plan to be on TS whenever I'm on Visca
    •   Thank you man!   We'll meet ingame sometime for sure! See you there (:
    • you're an error to me                      
    • Makes me nut when you drift.
    • Welcome/Welcome back to the community buddy!   We are happy to see you here, and we hope you enjoy your stay in Visca. :D   It's cool meeting the co-creator of NT :O (Hit me up if you wanna play, you seem like a cool guy) -Mike